Prepare your network video system

Prepare your network video surveillance system

Determining the customer’s overall goal

The first step is all about understanding the customer’s needs and helping to set reasonable expectations. No matter which scenario we choose, they all have one thing in common: safety and security, thanks to correctly designed and installed network video solutions.

Here are some important questions to ask the customer:

  • Are they looking for general overview surveillance, or do they need to identify individuals?
  • Will they record continuously, or only when events occur?
  • Will they view the recordings locally, or from a remote location?
  • What will happen to the recorded material?
  • Will they record both day and night?
  • Will they record indoors and/or outdoors?
  • Are there certain crime patterns linked to locations and the time of day?
  • How does local legislation regulate video and/or audio surveillance?

Find inspiration for your projects by looking at Axis’ presentation of other customers’ solutions for specific industry sectors, such as transportation or retail.

You can also gain from reading our customer stories from all industry types, and from all parts of the world.

It’s always a good thing to begin with a drawing of the installation site to help you with camera placement, types and positions, lens selection, functional specifications, and other requirements.

At this stage Axis offers several tools for developing a rough outline of the cameras the installation might require.

  • If you already have an idea of the types of Axis cameras to use, let Axis Lens Calculator determine the focal length you need to capture the desired scene.
  • If you want to identify people or license plates, we suggest you read our web article about identification and recognition.
  • Axis Camera Extension for the SketchUp® 3D CAD software allows quick and easy placement of cameras in 3D SketchUp building plans.
  • Axis Coverage Shapes is an easy-to-use library of camera shapes for Microsoft® Visio® that helps you plan your surveillance solution.
  • Axis Camera Families can be used to place security cameras directly in your building layout and integrate surveillance system planning into your Revit project.
  • Detailed information about each camera is available in the camera’s datasheet. See an example.
Preparing the project