Learning tracks

Matching customer needs and solutions

Increasing your sales in great part depends on gaining a reputation for being an expert in finding exactly what your customers need. And it all starts with knowledge.

Axis Communications’ Academy helps you boost your business by giving you the tools and information you need to answer any customer need and clinch sales.

Learning track for sales and business

In order to remain an expert in understanding your customer needs, we have packaged trainings suitable for those of you working within the sales and business area of the industry. We recommend that you start with the baseline and go further to learn more, step-by-step.

First step
  • Ten reasons to switch to IP-based video (web article)
  • Time to Switch to Network Video (business seminar) *
  • Selling Network Video (business seminar) *
  • Accelerate Network Video Sales (business seminar) *
  • Network Video for IT Integrators (business seminar) *
  • Heat up Sales with Axis Thermal Cameras (business seminar) *
  • Utilizing Video Encoders (business seminar) *

To attend a regional business seminar, go to our Classroom trainings

Second step