Remote workplaces finally under supervision

The unique modular C H System cells use Axis audio and video elements to supervise remote workplaces

“The Axis cameras, in conjunction with AXIS Loitering Guard and AXIS License Plate Verifier applications, have proved to be an indispensable part of our system. The key to the project’s success is the smart integration into the overall Adam system, which makes lots of information immediately available in one place.” Bc. Antonín Světnický, Adam Assistant Project Manager, C H Complex System s.r.o.


How can you check the situation at remote outdoor workplaces? This question is often discussed in many companies. Especially when remote sites are, in many cases, a blind spot on the map. Construction companies find themselves in a complicated situation from the perspectives of work planning, site surveillance, and supervision of workers. Added to this, theft is a common crime at construction sites, making these locations an overall weak spot for work efficiency and property protection.


C H Complex System invented a method to eliminate the risks associated with remote workplaces. The Company created the Adam assistance software and modular cells, which can be installed anywhere. The cells, which include intermediate storage with authorized access, can perform several functions thanks to the Adam system: the cells check the authorization of access to the workplace, perform breath analysis for alcohol and OHS training, manage the authorization of vehicle access, register toll locations, and generate a work log. The cells also survey the work area, assess defined events, and guard the site. This role in the system is fulfilled by AXIS P1435 Network Cameras and AXIS C3003-E IP Horn Speakers.


With the Adam system, the site supervisor or another authorized person can have an immediate overview of the site from anywhere. The supervisor knows who is present at the site, which tools the person is using, as well as whether a person untrained in OHS is present. Weather monitoring provides info on the actual conditions on the site and allows better work planning, while the camera system is used for remote surveillance of activities on the site and protects the property and safety of the site when no work is being performed.

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