Efficient access control and security management at Dell

Axis cameras blend in to office environment while contributing to enhanced security and operational efficiency

“Dell handles cybersecurity for our customers. We believe that in a company such as this, focusing on enhancing our own physical security leads to an increase in corporate value. We selected Axis network cameras for this important role partly because they are compatible with a wide range of systems, and partly due to the superior performance of the hardware, which offers clear images and is also physically robust.” Hirokazu Shibata – Corporate Security Consultant, Dell Japan Inc., Japan & Korea.


Dell Japan Inc., with its base in Kawasaki City, is the Japanese office of IT company, Dell Inc., headquartered in Texas, USA. In addition to the head office in Kawasaki, the company operates office locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Miyazaki that serve as support centers, etc. Dell offers comprehensive IT solutions including PCs and mobile terminals, core systems and deployment support in the cloud, as well as security services. During working hours about 1,600 employees and related personnel use the offices. The company required a highly secure access control system that allowed them to clearly see when, where and how office areas were being used, and by whom, while also preventing intrusion or tailgating by suspicious individuals.


The construction and deployment of Dell’s access control system was handled in collaboration with American Engineering Corporation (AEC), which provides services across a wide range of industrial sectors including the U.S. government, plant and infrastructure, and IT. For this project, a system was deployed with card readers installed in the entrances and exits to each room and shared space to record access, while Axis network cameras monitor the flow of people as they enter and exit. The security management system used was standardized throughout Dell Inc. and its branch offices – combined with a card reader system exclusively for employees, along with Axis network cameras. When an error is generated by the card reader upon entry or exit, the system alerts supervisors and the footage recorded by the network camera of the actual scene can be reviewed.


A system has been put in place that allows for the flow of people within the office to be overseen while preventing intrusion or tailgating by suspicious individuals. With just three or four staff members, the activity of 1,600 people can be monitored at all times, without needing to establish an operations room exclusively for monitoring.

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