Axis launches modular control board for professional video surveillance

Lund, 2010-Mar-24
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Axis Communications today launched a new modular control board consisting of a joystick, keypad and jog dial for responsive and accurate pan/tilt/zoom control of cameras on the network and management of recorded video.

AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board comprises three units:

  • AXIS T8311 Video Surveillance Joystick, a three-axis joystick with a turn knob for pan/tilt/zoom control and six push buttons;

  • AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad, used to navigate quickly between workspaces, cameras, views and PTZ presets; and

  • AXIS T8313 Video Surveillance Jog Dial, used to jog and dial through recorded video.

Each unit can be purchased and used either separately or together as one unit.

“The modular control board makes it easy for users to control pan/tilt/zoom functions of cameras in a video management system, quickly select different camera views, and search through recorded video,” says Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. “The solution also provides users with the flexibility to purchase and use the units separately or together. This offering complements Axis’ network video products and helps complete our portfolio of network video solutions.”

The units are easy to install using the USB interface. When using the complete AXIS T8310 Control Board, the modules are interconnected through a USB interface with the AXIS T8312 Keypad serving as a USB hub.

The control board is supported by Axis’ video management software, AXIS Camera Station 3.30 and is now available through Axis’ distribution channels. For photos and other resources, please visit

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