Axis recommends firmware upgrade to address security vulnerability

Lund, 2016-Jul-06
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A critical security vulnerability has recently been discovered affecting products that are exposed to the Internet. Axis strongly recommends that customers upgrade to latest firmware releases.

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in Axis products, with firmware versions between 5.20 to 6.20.X. At risk are products that are exposed to the Internet. If the products are exploited, the intruder has the potential to get control of the product.

Devices behind a protected network, network cameras connected to AVHS (AXIS Video Hosting System) and network cameras part of AXIS Companion solution are at low risk.

Axis recommends all users to upgrade to the latest firmware as soon as possible to eliminate this risk. Firmware can be downloaded and installed using the AXIS Camera Management tool or downloaded from the Axis support web page and then installed via the product’s web interface.

An independent researcher made Axis aware of the vulnerability, and plans to disclose it publically on July 18.

Cyber security high priority at Axis
All network devices are subject to potential threats, including network cameras. Axis has a detailed process to eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

“Axis follows industry best practices in managing and responding to security vulnerabilities in its products to minimize customers’ risk of exposure. As soon as the vulnerability was discovered, we developed service releases and notified our partners,” said Fred Juhlin, Senior cybersecurity analyst, Axis Communications. “Although most installed cameras are safe behind a protected network and the probability of being affected is low, we still see this issue as critical and recommend that users upgrade the affected products’ firmware in a controlled manner, and follow Axis’ hardening guide to further reduce any potential vulnerabilities.”

For more information, see Axis' product-security page, Common Vulnerability & Exposure (CVE) report and Questions and Answers

For support, watch this film on how to upgrade firmware or contact Axis technical support.

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