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Title Language Date
Which has better zoom: 18x or 36x? English April 2010
O que tem o melhor zoom: 18x ou 36x? Portuguese, Brazil June 2010
Vigilância através de câmeras térmicas Portuguese, Brazil September 2010
18倍ズームと36倍ズーム:どちらが高性能? Japanese September 2010
P-Iris. New iris control improves image quality in megapixel and HDTV network cameras. English September 2010
CCD and CMOS sensor technology English October 2010
Lighting for Network Video: Lighting Design Guide English December 2010
No melhor da iluminação: Os desafios da iluminação mínima Portuguese, Brazil January 2011
哪种变焦更好:18倍还是36倍? Chinese, Simplified April 2011
P-Iris: 全新的光圈控制可提高百万像素和HDTV网络摄像机的图像质量 Chinese, Simplified April 2011
热成像技术让一切无所遁形: 热成像摄像机在监控环境中的应用 Chinese, Simplified April 2011
10 estratégias para maximizar a produtividade de seu estabelecimento com inteligência em vídeo em tempo real Portuguese, Brazil July 2011
엑시스 카메라에 내장된 IR 조명: 수명이 긴 새로운 LED 기술 활용 Korean September 2013
安讯士摄像机内置红外照明功能: 采用全新的长寿命LED技术 Chinese, Simplified September 2013
Axis Guide to Image UsabilityComparison of IP- and analog-based surveillance systems English February 2014
HDTV(高清电视)和视频监控 Chinese, Simplified February 2014
10 strategies to maximize store productivity with real-time video intelligence English June 2014
Image stabilization –improving camera usability English June 2014
La tecnologia IP apre la porta a un nuovo mondo nel controllo degli accessi fisici Italian July 2014
Videoüberwachungssysteme im Einzelhandel 2014 (Axis-EHI Studie) German July 2014
「画像の有用性」に関するAxisガイドIPベースとアナログベースの監視システムの比較 Japanese August 2014
Large surveillance systemsSystem Overview Document English September 2014
Large surveillance systemsAn Axis, HP and Milestone joint solution guide. English September 2014
IP opens doors to a new world of physical access control English September 2014
L’IP : Un nouveau monde pour le contrôle d'accès physique French September 2014