White papers

Title Language Date
IEEE802.1X and Axis' Implementation English December 2009
Which has better zoom: 18x or 36x? English April 2010
Ultra-secure wireless solutions for Security & Surveillance (Proxim Wireless White Paper) English May 2010
High performance backhaul for security & video surveillance (Proxim Wireless White Paper) English May 2010
O que tem o melhor zoom: 18x ou 36x? Portuguese, Brazil June 2010
Vigilância através de câmeras térmicas Portuguese, Brazil September 2010
18倍ズームと36倍ズーム:どちらが高性能? Japanese September 2010
P-Iris. New iris control improves image quality in megapixel and HDTV network cameras. English September 2010
CCD and CMOS sensor technology English October 2010
In the best of light: The challenges of minimum illumination. About Axis cameras and light sensitivity. English November 2010
Lighting for Network Video: Lighting Design Guide English December 2010
No melhor da iluminação: Os desafios da iluminação mínima Portuguese, Brazil January 2011
Sotto la luce migliore: Le difficoltà dell’illuminazione ridotta al minimo Italian January 2011
Optimisation des conditions d’éclairage: Les défis d’un éclairage minimum French January 2011
La mejor iluminación posible: Los desafíos de una iluminación mínima Spanish January 2011
Ins rechte Licht gerückt: Die Anforderungen an die Mindestbeleuchtung German January 2011
哪种变焦更好:18倍还是36倍? Chinese, Simplified April 2011
P-Iris: 全新的光圈控制可提高百万像素和HDTV网络摄像机的图像质量 Chinese, Simplified April 2011
热成像技术让一切无所遁形: 热成像摄像机在监控环境中的应用 Chinese, Simplified April 2011
10 estratégias para maximizar a produtividade de seu estabelecimento com inteligência em vídeo em tempo real Portuguese, Brazil July 2011
Shielded or unshielded network cables English March 2012
Benefits of network video for retail: a new perspective on retail surveillance (UK) English May 2012
Night lessons - Lighting for network cameras (Axis & Raytec) English June 2012
Delivering value to network video through best of breed partnerships English July 2013
엑시스 카메라에 내장된 IR 조명: 수명이 긴 새로운 LED 기술 활용 Korean September 2013