End-to-end protection for long-term care residents and staff

June 1, 2022
For customers looking to protect their business from traditional security challenges like intrusion, theft, and vandalism, an Axis end-to-end surveillance solution is an obvious choice. But what about customers with more complex personal safety challenges? Like long-term care facilities looking to prevent elderly residents from falling or wandering? Or protecting their staff from aggression and abuse? Or improving resident care and satisfaction? Here again, an Axis end-to-end surveillance solution powered by AXIS Camera Station is a good choice.

Fully integrated solutions to meet long-term care needs

The primary focus of any care facility is, of course, the wellbeing of its residents. Any technology used needs to support this goal, and in doing so also protect the privacy and dignity of residents. An Axis end-to-end surveillance solution seamlessly combines our vast portfolio of video, audio, intercom, and access control technology to provide comprehensive protection and simplify daily operations in managed care facilities.

This means that residents can move about more safely and freely, caregivers can monitor resident well-being less intrusively, and remote audio/visual communication possibilities can reduce staff workloads while making life a little bit easier for residents.

What’s more, Axis end-to-end solutions support a wide range of edge-based analytics that actively detect loitering, intrusion, sounds, smoke, falls, and more. It’s active monitoring that increases healthcare efficacy, delivering timely alerts to minimize security risks and improve outcomes.

Safety and security made easy

At the heart of our end-to-end surveillance solutions is AXIS Camera Station video management and access management software. It’s powerful, yet easy to use with an intuitive interface, so anyone can manage the system, handle incidents, and quickly export high-definition evidence.

This is particularly important in long-term care, where the security solution is primarily managed by the caregivers themselves rather than professional security teams. And with its mobile viewing app, caregivers can still receive and validate alerts on their mobile devices while tending to other residents, ensuring that nothing gets missed.

We’ve also made it easier for integrators to design the right security system to meet the needs of their long-term facility customers with AXIS Site Designer. It’s an intuitive tool that enables integrators to upload site floor plans, select the right camera or device, display product placement, coverage, and performance, and even generate quotes that include all relevant accessories.

Protection that’s reliable and cost-effective

In a managed care facility, you’d expect technology investments to improve quality of care and resident satisfaction. And safety and security solutions are no exception. An Axis end-to-end surveillance solution is optimized to fully maximize the benefits of Axis products and technologies - providing complete and reliable protection throughout the entire care facility – both inside and out. Our customers trust in the full capability of our remote monitoring solutions, so they can significantly reduce their investment in physical wellness checks and resident “sitting”, while working more efficiently to care for more residents.  And when security technology also empowers caregivers to quickly respond to high-risk movement, falls, and resident elopement, it also protects long-term care facilities from costly liability claims.

Smart features for long-term care environments

Smart technology features are important when lives and livelihoods hang in the balance. Light compensation technologies like Lightfinder and Forensic WDR provide high quality video images in any lighting condition – ensuring quality care both day and night.

Additionally, AXIS Live Privacy Shield dynamically masks moving objects so that caregivers can monitor resident movement while safeguarding their privacy. And Axis all-in-one recorders offer greater storage flexibility, come pre-configured with AXIS Camera Station software licenses, and are easy to install.  

Cybersecure to protect sensitive data

Safeguarding resident privacy and worker integrity is paramount in a managed care environment. We do everything in our power to mitigate data breach risks by bringing together technology, people, and processes. Using AXIS Device Manager, you can quickly and easily perform regular system health checks, identify vulnerabilities, and update firmware for every device in their end-to-end surveillance solution. And if needed, this on-premise tool makes it easy to restore all your Axis devices.

Award-winning product support

With only one vendor to contact, product support for an Axis end-to-end surveillance solution is just a phone call or a click away. Our global team of experienced engineers provide support in 15 languages and resolve 95% of our support cases locally. Which is important for long-term care facilities, where resources diverted to technology troubleshooting could negatively impact quality of care for residents.

Enhancing quality living

An Axis end-to-end surveillance solution protects long-term care facilities and enhances personal safety. But more than that, it offers dynamic new opportunities to work more efficiently and offer extended services that improve resident satisfaction and life quality. For additional industry insight and to learn more about how technology can add value, read our blog on “Securing long-term care”.