VAPIX® Radar APIs are a set of application programming interfaces (API) for the Axis Security Radars. The APIs showcase to the user how to set up the radar and integrate multiple Axis features with it.

The following list contains helpful API:s that can be used together with the Radar API:s

Version history

2024–02–05Geolocation API: Added orientation support and the parameters ValidPosition and ValidHeading.
2023–04–05Radar configuration: Major updates.
Introduction: Added links to helpful API:s
Harmonized content across sections.
2021–09–29Network settings: Minor updates
2020–10–01Radar configuration: Minor updates.
2020–06–11Video streaming: Minor updates
Network settings: Minor updates

Harmonized content across sections.

2020–01–14Radar autotracking: New API.
Radar configuration: Major updates.

Harmonized content across sections.


System settings: updated Content-type in the Add, modify and delete user accounts examples.


Privacy Mask API:  Updated the API and added support for Adaptive Mosaic, Polygon and Multi channel products.


Radar Configuration: Added support for Crossline, Speed filter and getConfigurationCapabilities.


Dynamic Overlay Api & Overlay Modifiers added to the Radar Folder.

Harmonized content across sections.

2017–11–02Vapix Radar Section is released