This section describes how to upload and configure AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) applications.

Use Application API upload, control and manage applications and license keys.

Use Axis Application Configuration API to configure applications developed by Axis.

Read more about AXIS Camera Application Platform at

Version history

2024–02–06: Updated request URL.
2023–12–21: Added methods getAccumulatedCounts, resetAccumulatedCounts, resetPassthrough and getOccupancy.
2023–06–01: AllowRoot and AllowUnsigned added.
2023–01–10: /export_occupancy added.
2022–11–03: config.cgi added.
2022–06–27: adjustOccupancy and restartPassthroughCountdown added.
2022–01–04: Merged product parameters to a single command and clarified the documentation.
2021–08–30: New API.
2021–06–14: New API.
2021–06–03: Minor updates.
2021–06–02: Transferred from Network video.
2019–01–14: Updated API requests.

: New API, merged with People counting apps API
: New firmware-version
: New firmware-version
: New firmware-version
: New firmware-version
Application API: Updated license examples
Demographic Identifier API: Updated Get Ended tracks
People Counter: Added information for later firmware-versions.
2018–02–27: New API.

: API updated

2017–11–29Corrected the Event Stream URL for the AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 API.

, and : New API:s.


Clarified that users with operator rights can access restart and reboot services.

, and
: New API:s.
2017-03-28Section Applications moved from VAPIX Library Network Video to VAPIX Library Applications.