VAPIX® Audio system APIs are a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for Axis audio system products. The APIs make it easy to integrate Axis network speakers and other audio products in third-party systems.

Version history

2024–03–06: Added arguments audiobitrate, audiosamplerate and audiocodec
: New event
2024–01–30: New API
2023–11–03: Deprecated the audiooutput parameter and added the audiodeviceid and audiooutputid parameters.
2023–06–13: New API
2022–12–05: Added template on how to perform a speaker test
2022–06–23: Deprecated parameters, minor updates
: Deprecated parameters
: Deprecated parameters
2021–12–10: New API
2021–07–19: Minor updates
2021–04–29: Minor updates
: Minor updates
2020–08–05: Minor updates
2020–06–11: Minor updates
2019–10–02: Minor updates.

Audio API update: Added new Audio compression formats & Audio source parameters.


Audio API update: Updated the information in the Transmit audio data-section.

Audio Control Service API, Media Clip API update: Harmonized content across sections.


Updated Curl command and a new Example added to the Audio Control Service API .


Harmonized content across sections.


Audio Relay Service API update: Added new Examples and Specifications


Media Clip API update: Added stopclip.cgi and support for MP3.

Call Service API update: Added support for IPv6.

Audio Relay Service API update: Added support for multicast group speakers.


VAPIX Library Audio Systems released.

Sections Audio Control Service API, Audio Relay Service API, and Auto Speaker Test Service API moved from VAPIX Library Network Video. Sections Audio API, Media Clip API, and Call Service API are shared with VAPIX Library Network Video.