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How do I move my AXIS Device Manager configuration from one server to another?

To move your current AXIS Device Manager server please follow these steps:

1. Install AXIS Device Manager (same version or higher) on the new server.

  • For installations older than 4.31.018 the new server shouldn't have a more recent version than 5.24 before moving the files. It can later be upgraded to a more recent version.

2. On both servers, stop AXIS Device Manager Service using the AXIS Device Manager Service Control.

3. Move the database file(s) from the old server to the new one.

  • Prior to version 5.13, the database file is named ACS.FDB and located under: C:\ProgramData\AXIS Communication\AXIS Device Manager Server
  • From vesion 5.13, there are three database files named ACS.FDB, ACS_LOGS.FDB and ACS_RECORDINGS.FDB, all located under: C:\ProgramData\AXIS Communication\AXIS Device Manager Server

4. Move your recordings from the recording path e.g C:\Recordings\ to the same location on the new server.

Note: The recording paths must be exactly the same on the new server. i.e. the drive name/IP should be the same on the old and new server.

5. On the new server, start AXIS Device Manager Service from AXIS Device Manager Service Control .

6. Open AXIS Device Manager Client at the new location

7. Enter password to cameras.

The passwords for cameras are encrypted. 
Since the encryption key is unique on each computer, the passwords must be entered again on the new server.




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