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What can be done when having problems registering the AXIS Camera Station License?

For AXIS Camera Station 5:
If you get "Invalid key!" while registering the license on the license portal, make sure the key is correct and contains 16 characters. Also make sure the key has not been registered on another system, in this case you need to release the key from that system before associating it to the new one.

To release a license key from a system, go into the system details and click "Release". Take note of the license key and activate it on the new system.

For more details, refer to our FAQ database or our Youtube Channel.


For AXIS Camera Station 4 and below:

  1. If initial registration from inside AXIS Camera Station fails, registration can also be done from the AXIS Camera Station activation page.
  2. If initial installation and registration was successful but software / PC needs to be reinstalled at a later stage (e.g. changed or new hardware), contact Axis Technical Support to deactivate registration. Include information on the original license key and the company and name of the person it was registered to. Allow 48 hours for this request to be processed. Meanwhile you can run the software with full functionality by selecting 'Grace Period' in the license dialog after starting AXIS Camera Station the first time.

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