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ID FAQ38461

How do I use Telnet in Axis camera/video encoders?

Follow the steps below to enable Telnet in Axis camera/video encoders:

  1. Access the inittab file by using this link:

    (where IP is the product's IP address)

  2. Remove hashmark in the front of this line:


  3. After you have changed the line under 2. to:


  4. Save the inittab file.

  5. Restart the camera/video encoder.

After these changes, you will be able to access the camera/video encoder with Telnet.

Note: Axis does not take any responsibility for how these configuration changes may affect your system. If the modification fails or if you get other unexpected results, you may have to restore the factory default settings as described in the User’s Manual.

This article applies to the following products: