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FAQ about AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool

AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool is meant to verify if a third-party network video product is compatible with AXIS Camera Station 5

What does the test results mean?

The test results are given for each sub-test. Each sub-test can give three different results:

    • Passed: The feature should work in AXIS Camera Station.
    • Failed: The feature won’t work in AXIS Camera Station.
    • Not applicable: The device doesn’t have the feature.

For more information about the result: Test result

Can I use the device in AXIS Camera Station if only part of the tests pass?

The device must at least pass all core communication tests. otherwise the device cannot be added to AXIS Camera Station.

If the device fails in some streaming tests but not all of them, the device could still be used in AXIS Camera Station as long as the stream profile setting is using the ones that pass the tests.
For example, if H.264 fails the test but M-JPEG passes, simply change the stream profile in AXIS Camera Station from H.264 (the default setting) to M-JPEG in Devices -> Streaming profiles.

What to do if some tests fail?

There are some things you can try:

  • Make sure that the firmware on the device is approved to be ONVIF Profile S conformant. 
    Note: You need to contact the device manufacturer for instructions on how to do this.
  • A factory default may help in case the device is mal-functioning.
  • Make sure the network connection with the device is stable during the test.
  • Make sure no other application is streaming from the device at the same time when test is run.
  • Run the test again. Some devices are unreliable and works sometimes while sometimes not.

If you tried everything above but some tests always fail, the device is not supported by AXIS Camera Station.

What to do if the test cannot finish?

Check the following:

  • Is the third-party device ONVIF Profile S conformant?
  • Is the IP address correct?
  • Is the ONVIF user credentials correct? 
  • Make sure the time on the device is synced with a NTP server or the computer where Axis Camera Station server is installed on. If not, some cameras may reject any connection requests due to replay attack protection. ONVIF device manager can be used to do this.
  • Does the camera work fine in ONVIF device manager? If not, an upgrade to the latest firmware or factory default may help. Otherwise, please contact the device manufacturer.

If none of the above helps, the device is not supported by AXIS Camera Station.

What to do when the device passes the tests but doesn't work in AXIS Camera Station

If the device passes all tests i.e. is fully compatible according to the AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool but doesn't work in AXIS Camera Station, follow this FAQ and collect all the information needed before you submit a support question at Axis Online Helpdesk.

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