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Are Axis outdoor network cameras designed to protect against power surges?

Yes, when installed correctly. For details, please read below “Best practice for outdoor installation of Axis cameras”.


Best practice for outdoor installation of Axis cameras

Camera and PSE connected through a shielded network cable (STP)

For the purpose of this guide, a Power Sourcing Equipment, abbreviated PSE can be a midspan, endspan, network switch, network hub or a power injector, in other words the device which is connected at the other end of the cable where the camera is attached.

Axis network cameras for outdoor installation such as the AXIS Q6032-E/Q6042-E are protected against power surges and transients by design.

Part of this design involves a shielded network cable STP between the PSE; e.g. the AXIS T8124 for the AXIS Q6042-E*, and the camera to ensure a path for the power surge to reach ground.

The installation of Axis cameras using a shielded cable STP and a properly grounded PSE has been tested to comply with industry immunity standards levels such as surge protection.

Any other installation method will void the warranty and leave the unit at risk.

Always use a shielded network cable STP between the camera and the PSE, and ensure that the PSE is properly grounded.

*AXIS Q604x-E shall be grounded using a grounding wire. Make sure both ends of the grounding wire are in contact with their respective grounding surfaces.

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