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ID FAQ27336

How can I assign a static IP address when other methods described in Installation Guide and FAQs fail?

The camera’s default IP-address ( can be used to configure it.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Reset your Axis camera or video encoder to the factory defaults as described in the Installation Guide.
  2. Set your PC’s IP address to a free address in the range to
    Do not use as this is the default address of your Axis unit.
  3. Using a crossover network cable, connect the camera to your PC’s network card and power it up. Make sure that only one network connection is established - between PC and your Axis unit.
    (A crossover network cable is not need if a switch is used between Axis product and your PC or your PC supports Auto-MDIX).
  4. Use your Internet browser and enter
  5. Configure your Axis unit using its web interface by adding the desired IP address, Default Router Address and Subnet Mask to the Network Setting. If you use an IP address outside the range 192.168.01 to the unit will not be accessible after confirming the settings.
  6. Disconnect the Axis unit.
  7. If required, reset the PC’s IP address to the original value and return the devices to the desired network.

For information on how to set IP addresses on your PC, please refer to the documentation for your operating system.

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Please check as well our video tutorial Three ways to assign an IP address.

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