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How do I include video from my Axis network camera on a web page?

Here are several methods you can use:

Method 1: The first and easiest way is to set up a direct connection to the camera on a web page. Each user will then get a direct connection to the camera, which means that the number of simultaneous users will be limited. Find a description of this approach in the technical note: Live video on a medium hit rate site.

Method 2: The second, more advanced, method is based on having the camera push images to a web server. As the connection between client and camera is indirect and one way, the frame rate will be lower, PTZ control will not be possible and audio will not be available. Thus, as the web server will handle the Internet load, a larger number of simultaneous users is possible. See description in the technical note: Live video on a high hit rate site.

Method 3: The third way is based on using AXIS Streaming Assistant with a third-party streaming application such as Microsoft Expression Encoder.


  • Not all Axis network camera models/firmware revisions can be used with the methods listed here.
  • Suggested solutions are offered "as is". Axis Customer Services does not provide support for software/script troubleshooting or development.

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