Network video solutions Total Cost of Ownership study sets record straight - Costs of IP Surveillance systems are lower than analog systems

Total Cost of Ownership study sets record straight



Contrary to popular belief, an IP-based video surveillance system of 40 cameras offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than an analog-based surveillance system, according to a new study from Axis Communications.

The study, which was led by an independent researcher, clarifies common misperceptions about pricing and validates the cost effectiveness of IP surveillance systems. The study also shows that if IP infrastructure is in place, the IP-based video surveillance system will always be lower cost for any system size. Research conducted with industry participants including security integrators, value added resellers and industry analysts, including interviews and cost data, yielded some major findings:

  • IP based systems of 40 cameras have a lower total cost of ownership than analog systems.
  • 32 cameras is the break-even point for IP systems versus analog systems.
  • If IP infrastructure is installed the IP system is always lower cost.
  • IP systems offer many non-quantifiable advantages, including improved image quality, better maintenance and service, increased flexibility, and systems that are easier to troubleshoot.