Store optimization

Store optimization

Powerful in-store reporting delivering critical data

Stay ahead of competition and enhance your customer experience. With a combination of business intelligence reporting, network cameras optimized for retail environments, audio systems and integration possibilities with leading retail technology, you can stay ahead of competition and enhance your customer service.

Cognimatics world-leading technology is now integrated in Axis cameras and solutions for retailers. Giving insights through highly advanced and powerful tools for maximizing in-store profitability and performance.

Axis Store Optimization Solution

AXIS Store Optimization Suite includes is a series of business intelligence video analytics that run fully embedded on Axis network cameras. There’s no need for additional hardware or servers, which minimizes installation time and costs.

  1. Get real-time access to data, triggers, a multitude of reports and statistics – AXIS Store Reporter
  2. Count – Gain knowledge of customer footfall and visitor traffic – AXIS People Counter / AXIS 3D People Counter
  3. Measure – Efficiently monitor and measure in-store queue lengths – AXIS Queue Monitor
  4. Detect – Identify the demographics (age and gender) of customers in your store, through integrated solutions
  5. Track – Estimate the occupancy in your store – AXIS Occupancy Estimator

Integration with leading retail technology

    1. Built on open standard technology, Axis solutions can be integrated with your POS system, as well as digital signage, heat mapping and other leading store optimization technology from Axis partners.

    Axis network cameras

    High quality, reliable and cost-effective cameras with a combination of features and technology appropriate for retail environments. Find the right camera for your needs.

    Axis audio system

    Schedule playlists with music, trigger or schedule announcements. Music to energize your customers and commercial messaging with sales offers or announcements for store efficiency with Axis all in one high-quality network audio system. Find the right audio system for your needs.

    For more information on how you can optimize your in-store performance.

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