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Data Fields
larodTensorDims Struct Reference

A type containing information about a tensor's dimensions. More...

#include <larod.h>

Data Fields

size_t len
 Length of dims array.

Detailed Description

A type containing information about a tensor's dimensions.

As part of larodTensor this is used to define dimensions of a tensor. For most values of larodTensorLayout the tensor can be viewed as a multidimensional array, where the size of each dimension is described by the corresponding number in the larodTensorDims struct. An exception to this is LAROD_TENSOR_LAYOUT_420SP. For more info, see larodTensorLayout.

If len is set to 0 for an input or output tensor when running a job, there will be no sanity check that it matches what the model expects.

If len is specified, it must be equal to the len of the tensor's pitches if that is also specified; otherwise one gets an error when creating job requests. See larodTensorPitches for more details of how they are related.

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