AXIS 1.5" NPS/NPT Male Coupler

The 1.5" NPT male-to-male coupler is useful in retrofitting legacy camera installations whilst reusing the existing wall mounts. This male coupler can connect any Axis pendant kit (e.g. AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit) to a legacy mount with either 1.5” NPS or NPT female threads (e.g. 3rd party wall mount). The lock nut is included.

AXIS 1.5" NPS/NPT Male Coupler is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. It has been thoroughly tested in different camera installations to withstand various environmental stresses, such as impact, shock and vibration, corrosion (according to NEMA 4X), and UV exposure.

Material: Aluminum with black anodizing. 

Note: The National Pipe Taper (NPT) is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used on threaded pipes and fittings. The National Pipe Straight (NPS) threads are straight (parallel). Both NPT and NPS have the same thread angle, shape, and pitch (threads per inch).

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