Stay certified

Keep your competitive advantage

The certification is valid for three years. But in this day and age, it’s important to remain current to keep your advantage in the marketplace. You need to learn more to earn and sell more.

At Axis, we’re more committed than ever to our partners and Axis Certified Professionals. To make sure you get good return on your investment, we’ve made it easier to stay certified by making recertification available online.

The recertification course for partners includes learning modules, where you can refresh your knowledge and learn about new products, technologies, and solutions. Between modules, you need to pass a test to unlock the next module.

When it’s time to recertify, we’ll send you an invitation. You can sit back and relax. You don’t have to do anything until you get the email.

1. Invitation arrives

You’ll find an invitation in your inbox in good time before it’s time to recertify. Don’t wait too long, though. You want to make sure that you recertify before your certification expires.

2. Learn. Test. Pass!

To take the online course, click the link we gave you in the invitation.

The course begins with an introduction. Then you continue to learn about new products, technologies, and solutions.

The course consists of at least two modules (depending on the region). 

If a module ends with a test, you have to pass the test before you can continue to the next module.

When you’re done with all the modules, you stay certified for another three years.

3. Print your certificate

After you’ve passed the online recertification course, you can print a new certificate.