From thesis to employment

How one thing leads to another

How one thing leads to another

Johan Förberg
Software Engineer

Johan Förberg first came to Axis as an intern in the summer of 2015 and went on to work part time whilst studying Engineering Physics at Lund University. When the time came to write his Master thesis, a senior engineer in his department suggested he research how to scale up images to higher resolution using machine-learning.

Knowing that the results of this research would be of practical use was hugely motivating for Johan. It encouraged him to explore the topic thoroughly, testing different theories and concepts along the way. He concluded that significantly better quality could be achieved by focusing on a specific scene over long periods of time.

Johan now works full time in the Core Technologies team and believes there are still immense opportunities to learn and develop, thanks to Axis’ free and open company culture, and people’s enthusiasm for collaboration and discussion.

To students contemplating their Master thesis, Johan offers this advice: “Don’t focus too much on what you have worked with or studied previously. Your thesis can be a great opportunity to push the boat out and explore something new.”

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