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How do I connect an OSDP reader to The Axis door controllers?

The Connection for RS485 - Half duplex as specified in the OSDP standard.

Since there are several ways of defining what function the A-wire and B-wire has, with the AXIS A1001 we ended up with a cross-connection:

A1001 -> OSDP Reader

    A    ->    B

    B    ->    A

For the AXIS A1601, We decided to change this to simplify for the installers. Therefore now A is connected to A and B is connected to B:

A1601 -> OSDP Reader

    A    ->    A

    B    ->    B

This is true for most OSDP readers on the market, including our A40 series readers, but since there are several ways of interpreting the A and B's function, and if you are experienceing any problems with the OSDP communication, the first step of troubleshooting is to just swap the A and B wires and see if it works better.


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