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What to include in an Antivirus allow list for AXIS Camera Station.

If an Anti-Virus is to be used it is important that you allow the AXIS Camera Station installation directories and sub directories, AXIS Camera Station Databse and log directories and AXIS Camera Station Recording directories.


Location of Default Directories.

AXIS Camera Station Installation Directory:

C:\Program Files\Axis Communications

AXIS Camera Station Database and log Directory:

C:\programdata\Axis Communications

AXIS Camera Station Recording Directory:

C:\Recording * recording locations may very from system to system please make sure to add the recording directory to the anti virus allow list.

 Other Considerations

Most modern Anti-virus programs now come with active network packet monitoring that scan each packet that passes through the network adapter, in addition to this most also come with a web monitoring tool that scans web traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) for any threats. With some Anti-Virus programs this may cause issues with network communication between AXIS Camera Station and AXIS  devices and may result in video/audio latency, a loss of recordingsintermittent loss of  camera connection, dropped frames or connection problems between client and server.

Our recommendation is to allow HTTP traffic so that it will not be scanned by either network monitoring or web monitoring tools.

For configuration of your Anti-Virus program please contact your Anti-Virus vendor for technical documentation and or support


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