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How to replace an AXIS camera in AXIS Camera Station 5 and above?

Sometimes an AXIS camera connected to AXIS Camera Station needs to be replaced by a new one. Although there is no replacement function in AXIS Camera Station, there are some workarounds.


Current cameras retention time is shorter than 30 days

If the retention time of the old camera is shorter than 30 days, you can add the new camera directly to AXIS Camera Station and use both cameras without purchasing a new license. This is because any new camera will get a 30-day free trial license. After 30 days, simply remove the old camera from AXIS Camera Station. The new camera will use the license from the old camera and function as normal.


Current cameras retention time is longer than 30 days

If the retention time of the old camera is longer than 30 days and you want to playback the old recordings in AXIS Camera Station without purchasing an extra license, follow the instructions below when replacing it with a new camera.

Go to Configuration > Devices > Cameras.

·       Select the device to be replaced > Edit > Change the IP address to the new camera's IP address > OK.

Reload the configuration for the device under Configuration > Devices > Management

·       Select the device and press the reload button.

This will sync the possible settings from your camera to AXIS Camera Station.

After replacing your device, verify the configuration steps as when you added a new camera

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