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How to make Axis Camera Station server restart automatically after a power outage?

Pelase note: Unexpected server shutdowns can cause database corruption and damage hardware or Windows. Using a UPS is highly recommended. In critical installations, add a redundant power supply on an emergency power circuit.

To ensure the maximum continuity of recordings, it's recommended to configure the Axis Camera Station server computer to restart automatically after a power outage. It also helps if Axis Camera Station server is serviced remotely. This can be done by modifying Power settings inside the server computer's BIOS settings.

Step 1: Power On the computer and press "DEL" or "F1" or "F2" or "F10" to enter BIOS setup utility. (The way to enter into BIOS Settings depends on the computer manufacturer).

Step 2: Inside BIOS menu, look under “Advanced” or “ACPI” or "Power Management Setup" menu to find a setting named “Restore on AC/Power Loss” or “AC Power Recovery” or "After Power Loss". (The setting can be found under different places inside BIOS setup according to computer manufacturer.)

Step 3:  Set the “Restore on AC/Power Loss” to “Power On”.

Step 4: Save and exit from BIOS settings.

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