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ID FAQ116570

I’m having problems logging in to my AXIS Device Manager Extend client and/or connecting to a site controller, what can I do?

Both the AXIS Device Manager Extend client and Site controller applications are expected to be able to connect to the AXIS Service Platform.

This requirement involves the client and site controller applications having access to the internet to make this connection. Additionally, in order to maintain system security, all components in the AXIS Device Manager Extend system are required to authenticate themselves to other system components before exchange of any information is allowed.

To support this authentication, certificates and tokens are utilized. These certificates and tokens also require support from the underlying Operating System (the host machines’ Windows OS) and in order to maintain a secure environment, the OS requires periodic updates. An example being the recent update of the Let’s Encrypt root certificate.

Please ensure all AXIS Device Manager Extend host machines do receive and install required OS updates to ensure AXIS Device Manager Extend functions fully.

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