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ID FAQ116568

How do I unblock an AXIS device’s web interface after removing the device from an AXIS Device Manager Extend site where the setting 'Device interface blocking' is enabled?

Removing a device from a site it will not automatically reset any settings on the device, which means that any device’s web interface that is blocked will remain blocked after removing it from a site.

 To get access to the device interface you can either: 

 a) Add the device to a new AXIS Device Manager Extend site. The device will then inherit the new site’s settings.

b) Factory reset the device using VAPIX (http://<servername>/axis-cgi/factorydefault.cgi where <servername> is the IP or URL to the device).

c) Factory reset the device using the hardware button (see your devices manual here: https://www.axis.com/support).



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