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Can you explain in more depth when and why internet access is required for AXIS Device Manager Extend?

The computer running the AXIS Device Manager Extend client requires internet access when you provision a new site controller into your organization, i.e. when creating a new site. The reason for this is to ensure system security and integrity. As part of the provisioning process, AXIS Device Manager Extend will download security certificates and install them in the site controller server. This will ensure the site controller will be part of the same security domain as the AXIS Device Manager Extend client, which is needed make sure data is not leaked outside of that domain as well as prevent the site controller from communicating with any entities not part of the same domain.

AXIS Device Manager Extend also needs internet access when you login to a site in order to be able to verify and renew the security certificates.

The site controller does not rely on internet access to maintain the local system 24/7. But some functionality will not be available in such a case, e.g. automatic download and storage of device firmware or ACAPs, download of device warranty and discontinuation information etc. The site controller has support for internet access though standard proxies, so it is possible to control and schedule access from there.

As mentioned, internet access is required for both client and site controller. As also mentioned, AXIS Device Manager Extend does not require devices, e.g. cameras, to be externally connected.

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