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How to enable DEBUG level logging in AXIS Camera Station or AXIS Device Manager?

In some situations, enabling DEBUG level logging is necessary while troubleshooting AXIS Camera Station or AXIS Device Manager.

1. Advanced server setting (server-side only)

For AXIS Camera Station v5.31 and later the easiest way is to tick the checkbox “Enable server-side debug logging” found in “Server – Configuration – Settings – Advanced”.

Debug level logging will be applied immediately, not requiring a restart. Reproduce the error, generate a system report, and send it to AXIS Support.

Note, this only sets debug level logging on the server logs, not on the client logs. If debug level logging is required also on the client, the below steps using the log4net.config file is needed to be performed on the client machine.

 2. Using a file (server- and/or client-side)

In the following cases debug level logging needs to be enabled following the steps below:

  • AXIS Device Manager
  • AXIS Camera Station 5.30 and earlier
  • Client-side debug level logging in AXIS Camera Station
  • Advanced debug level logging on AXIS Camera Station 5.31 and later that needs specific configuration

The procedure is the same for both applications, for AXIS Device Manager simply adjust the path and application name to “AXIS Device Manager” in the instructions below.

To enable DEBUG level, follow the following instructions:

  • Stop the AXIS Camera Station service from the Windows task bar (right-click the AXIS Camera Station service icon > Stop Service).
    Close the Client software as well.
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the ProgramData directory of AXIS Camera Station.
    Usually "C:\ProgramData\Axis Communications\AXIS Camera Station”.
    The directory can be found by the command “%ProgramData%” in the Windows Explorer URL bar or by showing hidden folders. 
  • Download and extract the zip file below to the directory mentioned above. Please make sure that log4net.config is extracted directly under the path and not in a sub-folder.

     Example of the log4net.config file once extracted to the right folder:

    ProgramData folder


    • Start the AXIS Camera Station service from the Windows task bar and the Client software.
    • Reproduce the issue and note the time and date.
    • Generate an AXIS Camera Station system report.
    • Send the AXIS Camera Station system report to Axis Support and mention the date and time when the issue was reproduced. 


    To restore the original logging level (disable debug):

    1. Stop the AXIS Camera Station service.

    2. Delete the log4net.config file.

    3. Start the AXIS Camera Station service.

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