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ID FAQ116506

Enable last power State on AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series

To change the power options to automatically power on AXIS S22 Appliances after power loss, a maintenance window needs to be scheduled to perform these actions as the server needs to be powered off.
  1. Restart the S22 and press the F12 key repeatedly during the boot process (when the AXIS Splash screen is present).
  2. Using the arrow keys navigate down to 'Enter Setup' and press enter.
  3. Navigate to the tab called 'Chipset'
  4. Navigate to 'PCH-IO Configuration'
  5. Select 'State After G3' and then select 'Last State' and press enter.
  6. Press the Esc key on the keyboard and then navigate to ‘Save and Exit’and select ‘Save changes and Reset’



G3 is the mechanical off state

S0 = Normal Powered-On state

S5 = Is the Shutdown State

Last State = S0 or S5 

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