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ID FAQ95544

Why does my camera switch to black & white mode in low light conditions? Can I turn this functionality off?

In general, the camera is switching to black&white in low light conditions to preserve the image quality as much as possible (less noise, etc.) at the expense of color. 

To completely turn off automatic switching to the black & white in low light, from firmware 4.40 follow these instructions:

In the web interface follow System Options >Advanced >Plain Config >Image Source >Noise Color Reduction to find the parameter ImageSource.I0.Sensor.NoiseColorReduction.

Setting this parameter to 0 disables the color level reduction when noise level increases, thus the image never becomes black and white.

When the parameter is set to 100 (the default setting) the image will turn to black & white in low light conditions.

No other values are supported at the moment.

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