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How do I control the wiper on my Pelco Esprit PTZ device connected to Axis video encoder?

In the 4.30 firmware release for the AXIS 240Q/241S/241Q/241SA/241QA (including the Blade versions), it is enabled by default, however, the wiper's behaviour can be configured.  (It is not possible to activate/deactivate it from the web pages.) 

As hex-coded Pelco-D commands are sent to the serial port and can be used to control the wiper, these commands can be included in the Ctrl Panel (Live View) for the Pelco PTZ device.

Control of the wiper consists of two tasks:

1. Configuration of the wiper behaviour
2. Activation and deactivation of the wiper


1. Configuration of the wiper behaviour

Starting with firmware version 4.30 or highter, and when using the PTZ driver for the Pelco Esprit for this firmware, it is possible to set the type of wiper behaviour using the OSD menu at PTZ Configuration > Advanced > OSD Menu in the product’s web interface.

The options are “CONTINUOUS” and “MOMENTARY”. Continuous means the wiper is activated until a deactivation command is sent. Momentary means the wiper will perform one clean cycle and then stop.


2. Wiper Control - Activation and deactivation of wiper

a) Determining commands to activate and deactivate the wiper

To activate the wiper the “set AUX 1” command must be sent to the Pelco device. To deactivate the wiper the “clear AUX 1” command must be sent to the serial port the Pelco device is connected to.

These commands can be sent by using generic HTTP cgi-requests:

http://IP_NUMBER/axis-cgi/com/serial.cgi?port=1&write=hex-string Set the “port=1” to correspond to the serial port number beeing used. 

The hex-string for the “set AUX 1” (to address 01) command should look like this (expressed in hex):

The hex-string for the “clear AUX 1” (to address 01) command should look like this (expressed in hex):

To use a different address (camera ID), change the first “01” to the correct address, expressed in hex.


NOTE! If you change the address, you must update the “checksum” (the last byte in the string).
The checksum is calculated in following way:
Add together all the bytes except the first and the last. Use only the lower 8 bits (lower byte) of this result and put this result (in hex) in the last byte.

b) Wiper control commands as buttons in Ctrl Panel (Live View)

The commands as above under a) can be executed from the address (URL) field of a browser, from an external application or from Ctrl Panel in Live View. 

In order to control the wiper from the Ctrl Panel in Live View, activation and deactivation commands need to be added as buttons to this panel.

The activation URL for the example in a) is:


The deactivation URL is:


The buttons are created in the PTZ Configuration > Advanced > Ctrl Panel page in the web interface.

Note: Axis does not take any responsibility for how these configuration changes may affect your system. If the modification fails or if you get other unexpected results, you may have to restore the factory default settings as described in the User’s Manual. 

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