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ID FAQ116592

Why is it not possible to downgrade firmware on my new AXIS M5074/M5075/M5075-G camera?

AXIS has introduced a new hardware revision of the M5074/M5075/M5075-G. Products with the new revision will have a new HWID (HardwareID). These units can't be downgraded to a firmware that is older than the active track release 10.12.91 or LTS release 9.80.8. 

Here is the list of affected products and the HWID :

Product HWID
AXIS M5074 50/60Hz 99B.1
AXIS M5075 50/60Hz 99B.2
AXIS M5075-G 50Hz EU 971.1 or 99C.1
AXIS M5075-G 60Hz JP 971.2 or 99C.2
AXIS M5075-G 60Hz US 971.3 or 99C.3


You can check the "HardwareID" on your product in the server report.

This article applies to the following products: