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Which ports does AXIS Camera Station use?

If you are using a AXIS Camera Station server with a version higher as 5.45, please go to this link, to see your required ports.

If you are using a older software version , please look at the list below:
The following table identifies ports and protocols used by AXIS Camera Station that you may need to enable on your firewall for optimum performance and usability.

Not all ports need to be opened always.
For example, if you are not using multiple servers on your network, you do not need to enable Server Discovery. 
If you are not using the AXIS Camera Station mobile app, you do not need to open the ports for the mobile app.
Only open the ports you require.

The following tables shows the different ports being used in a typical AXIS Camera Station setup.

AXIS Camera Station server to device

Port Number Protocol In/Out Comments
Main HTTP port 80 TCP  Outbound
HTTP is the current default setting for video streams and configuration data sent between device and server.

Main HTTPS port 443 TCP Outbound
If HTTPS is enabled for a device, video streams and all configuration data sent between device and server is encrypted.
Default bonjour port 5353 UDP Multicast 
(Inbound + Outbound)

Used to discover devices with mDNS Discovery (Bonjour).
If unable to bind to the default port it may be because it is being used by another application which refuses to share it. In that case a random port will be tried until a working one is found.
When using a random port devices with link-local addresses will not be discoverable using Bonjour.

Default SSDP port 1900 UDP Multicast 
(Inbound + Outbound)
Used to discover devices with SSDP (UPNP). Multicast
Default WS-Discovery port 3702 UDP Multicast  (Inbound + Outbound) WS-Discovery webservices discovery used to discover Onvif devices. Multicast

AXIS Camera Station Clients to server

Ports with offset will change when the port they are offset from changes.
Port Number Protocol In/Out Comments
Default SSDP port 1900 UDP Multicast (Inbound + Outbound) Used to discover AXIS Camera Station servers with SSDP (UPNP). Multicast
Main HTTP port and HTTP streaming port 55752 TCP Inbound Used for video, audio, metadata stream (AES encryption). If TCP fails on 55754, 55752 with HTTP is used for application data (AES encryption).
Main TCP port 55754 TCP Inbound Used for application data (TLS 1.2 encryption)
+2 offset from main HTTP port. 
SSDP web server port 55755 TCP Inbound Used for AXIS Camera Station server discovery with SSDP/UPNP.
+3 offset from main HTTP port. 
API web server port 55756 TCP Outbound Used for application data and Mobile applications
+4 offset from main HTTP port. 
API media port 55757 TCP Outbound Used for video stream RTSP over HTTP.
+5 offset from main HTTP port. 
Local proxy HTTP port 55758 TCP Inbound Only accessible internally on the AXIS Camera Station server computer. 
+6 offset from main HTTP port . 



Port Number Protocol In/Out
Communication between
HTTP and HTTPS ports 80 & 443 TCP Outbound Client and Server to internet Used for license activation, download firmware,
connected services etc.
Server TCP streaming port 55750 TCP Inbound AXIS Camera Station server, device -2 offset from main HTTP port.
Upgrade status UDP port 15156 UDP Inbound + Outbound AXIS Camera Station server and AXIS Camera Station service control Used to broadcast the status of an ongoing upgrade.
Secure Entry 53458 HTTPS Inbound Client, Server, Secure Entry service Secure Entry communication port
System Health Monitoring 56256 HTTPS Inbound Server, System Health Monitoring service Used to host System Health Monitoring web pages and for sharing data in multisystem setup.
Smart Search 2 4000 HTTP Inbound Server, Smart Search 2 service Used to communicate with the Smart Search 2 backend.



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