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What information is required when contacting Axis support about third-party device compatibility in AXIS Camera Station?

To verify that a third-party device is supported by AXIS Camera Station, the AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool should always be used!

What to do when the device passes the tests but doesn't work in AXIS Camera Station:
If the device passes all tests i.e. is fully compatible according to the AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool but doesn't work in AXIS Camera Station you should contact Axis support.

Please do the following:

  1. Install Wireshark on the computer where the tests are run.
  2. Rerun the tests with AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool. 
    The tool will collect detailed information needed for troubleshooting including a Wireshare trace.
    NOTE! No need to generate an extra trace through Wireshare.

Provide the following information when submitting a support question at Axis Online Helpdesk:

  • The compatibility test report, if available.
    Please attach the complete *.zip archive when submitting the support question.
    By default, the archive is located at "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\CompatibilityResult.zip".
  • If the tests cannot finish successfully and the full compatibility test report is not available, please locate this log file: 
    "C:\ProgramData\Axis Communications\AcsCompatibilityTestTool\Application.log"
    and attach it when submitting the support question.

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