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ID FAQ116040

Information regarding SanDisk Ultra memory cards.

It has been reported that there are a small number of SanDisk Ultra cards that may have a problem in communicating with Axis network cameras/encoders. This FAQ describes how to identify if your card is affected and what to do if you have one.

Identification instructions

If you are using a SanDisk Ultra card, and you are experiencing issues with your recording please log on to your Axis network camera/encoder and verify if any of the below situations have occurred:

  • Recording to the SD card unexpectedly has stopped working
  • Recordings on the SD card is not visible or playable
  • Your SD card is set as read only
  • Your SD card is not mounted after a soft restart

If any of the above situations has occurred your SanDisk Ultra card has problems in communicating with your Axis network camera/encoder and we recommend you to replace your SD card.

Replacement Instructions

Please submit a support case to Axis Technical support for further instructions on how to replace your SanDisk Ultra card. 

After replacement with a new card please make sure that you reformat the card using ext4. Please read the User manual or online help for instructions.

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