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ID FAQ115871

How can I change the default view in the web browser or in my application for a camera with panoramic view?

The recommended method to change the default view in Live view for cameras with panoramic views is using a stream profile. Please do the following if you want to have Quad View as default:

- Go in Setup -> Video -> Stream Profiles
- Create a stream profile which is suitable for Quad View:

Adapted stream profile

- Go in Setup -> System Options -> Advanced -> Plain Config -> Stream Profiles
- In the end of string for Parameters field for this new profile, add:

Parameters field for new stream profile

- Save the page.

- Go to Setup -> Live View Config page
- Select the new profile as the Stream profile:

new profile as the Stream profile

- Save the page and access the Live view, the Quad View should now be displayed by default.

If you wish to use Panorama as default view, use resolution 1600x600 for the stream profile and Parameters &camera=2

For the external applications you should simply be aware that the source numbers are as follows:
Camera=1 Overview
Camera=2 Panorama
Camera=3 Double Panorama
Camera=4 Quad View
Camera=5 View Area 1
Camera=6 View Area 2
Camera=7 View Area 3
Camera=8 View Area 4

Note: If the camera mode is set to “wall mounted” Double Panorama View  and Quad View will not be available.

This article applies to the following products: AXIS M3007-P, AXIS M3007-PV