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ID FAQ115791

Install AXIS PTZ in outdoor environment upside down?

We usually do not recommend outdoor installation of the M55-E / P55-E / P56-E / Q60-E / Q61-E cameras upside down due to that we have not tested this thoroughly and the risk of water could be standing in the screws fastening the dome.  The mechanics should not be a problem.

Therefore it is not recommended to use the camera upside down when it's expected that the camera comes in contact with water.

This article applies to the following products: AXIS P5512-E, AXIS P5522-E, AXIS P5532-E, AXIS P5534-E, AXIS Q6000-E, AXIS Q6032-E, AXIS Q6034-E, AXIS Q6035-E, AXIS Q6042-E, AXIS Q6044-E, AXIS Q6045-E, AXIS Q6045-E Mk II, AXIS P5624-E, AXIS P5635-E, AXIS Q6114-E, AXIS Q6115-E, AXIS P5514-E, AXIS P5515-E, AXIS Q6128-E