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What is the maximum distance for power and data when using PoE?

100m (328ft) is the maximum distance between the Ethernet source and the Ethernet client.
Please note this is not identical with the maximum length of an Ethernet cable.

An Ethernet source is an endspan, like a PoE switch. A PoE midspan is only a power hub, not data hub and therefore not an Ethernet source.
Ethernet clients are devices in this case an Axis camera or video encoder which can be PoE or non-PoE units.

Only when using a PoE switch and a PoE enabled camera the maximum distance equals the maximum cable length: 100 m. As soon you use a midspan and/or splitter you have to check the maximum distance for the number of cables used to reach the Ethernet client from Ethernet source.

These are the four possible combinations with examples:

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