Onboard surveillance solutions for bus and rail systems -

Onboard surveillance solutions for bus and rail systems


Video from AXIS M3114-R

A new level of onboard surveillance

We are in the middle of the shift from analog to digital video surveillance and what seemed impossible only a few years ago is reality today. With Axis onboard solutions you benefit from:

  • Remote access to live video and sound from any bus or train
  • HDTV video quality with stable picture despite vehicle vibrations and movement
  • Intelligent video applications such as people counting and tampering alarm
  • Easy integration with the overall security system for stations, terminals and critical infrastructure
  • GPS integration, making it possible to follow a bus or train on a digital map, while watching live video from the cameras on board

Proven in large-scale systems

Many transit authorities and operators have already chosen Axis to improve the security on board. They benefit from a visual system for quick evaluation of incidents and appropriate response. References include:

Madrid buses 6000 cameras
Moscow metro 3000 cameras and video encoders
Oslo trains 3000 cameras
Prague buses 3500 cameras
Stockholm metro and buses 15000 cameras
Sydney trains 7000 cameras
Zurich trains 5000 cameras

Dedicated to onboard installations

Axis offers cameras and recorders specially designed for buses and trains. They withstand vibrations, shocks, moisture and temperature fluctuations to ensure continuous operation. In addition, they provide valuable features such as:

  • Transportation-specific certificates
  • Automatic tampering alarm
  • Protection against voltage spikes
  • Battery back-up to handle short periods of power drop
  • Flexible and cost-efficient installation

The onboard product portfolio is constantly developed to meet the tough demands from larger public transportation systems.

Customer stories

SL – Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB Swiss Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahn - SBB) Italy ATR
Safer trips for drivers and travelers with security cameras from Axis IP-based video surveillance system increases security in the Zurich S-Bahn More than 700 Axis network cameras ensure security on 290 buses
Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, Sweden Schweizerische Bundesbahn, Switzerland Consortium A.T.R. Agency for Mobility, Italy