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Customer story

Customer story, China
Intelligent video management of retail stores
"The network video system has proven to be a great tool to improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide more accurate data for better informed decisions."
Xinyu Hendry, General Marketing Manager, Xinyu Hendry Holdings

Optimize store performance

Analyzing store performance is often a tedious task, involving time-consuming data gathering from multiple systems and sites. Axis provides a shortcut to store optimization by offering network video solutions that enable efficient:

  • Monitoring of conversion rates
  • Analysis of customer flow
  • Evaluation of marketing and promotion activities
  • Optimization of store layout

In addition, it can all be done in real-time from a computer anywhere, for single or multiple stores.

Understand customer behavior

With strategically placed cameras, it is easy to record and measure customer activity and behavior. Axis also offers built-in people counting and integration with your POS-system to provide invaluable information about your customers. As a result, you can:

  • Get a clear view of customer flow
  • Monitor and compare conversion rates and sales amounts
  • Easily determine premium locations and space value.

Improve your marketing efforts

Network video enables immediate evaluation of marketing and promotion campaigns. You are provided with real-time and historic data, which makes it easy to see the impact of specific activities and to compare them with previous efforts.

You quickly find out if your end-caps, in-store signage, and display windows attract customers. The customer and POS metrics are only a mouse click away, allowing for strategic marketing decisions to boost your sales.