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City surveillance

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Cameras at risk

Safer urban environments

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders to pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

Many cities around the world rely on Axis network video solutions to:

  • Efficiently protect citizens and property
  • Enhance the city image
  • Reduce vandalism costs
  • Reduce investigation times

Future-proof and cost-efficient

Axis’ advanced network cameras, which include razor-sharp details on video, motion detection and tamper-resistance, are ideal tools to ensure security and build safer cities. They offer a cost-efficient solution which provides:

  • A future-proof surveillance platform that easily expands with growing needs
  • High-quality images for detection and positive identification
  • Ease of use and installation
  • A wide range of outdoor-ready products for challenging weather conditions

With Axis, your city stays one step ahead in creating a safe and secure environment for its residents.

High-resolution cameras improves safety in Amsterdam: Axis has provided the Slotervaart district in Amsterdam with more than 40 new IP cameras for improved surveillance.
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(14.8MB MPEG-4, Dutch Television, January 2010)

Customer stories

City surveillance in Novi Sad, Serbia City surveillance in Buffalo, N.Y. City surveillance in Brianza, Italy
An IP-based video surveillance system with 1000 Axis network cameras provides safety and enhanced traffic logistics to the City of Novi Sad, Serbia. The city of Buffalo, NY, United States, has set up a wireless network of Axis network cameras strategically mounted on utility poles throughout the city. More than 350 Axis network cameras offer protection and crime prevention to ensure citizen safety in 18 eastern Milanese municipalities in Brianza, Italy.
City of Novi Sad City of Buffalo Milanese municipalities