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Cargo & logistics

End-to-end security

Whether at a railyard, harbor, airport, warehouse or a logistics hub, our video solutions help you to efficiently secure your perimeter, buildings, fleet and staff.

  • Centralized surveillance of multiple locations
  • Remote monitoring from any authorized computer or mobile device
  • Automatic alerts for perimeter breach and building intrusion
  • Efficient investigations with quick access to high-definition video
  • Mobile surveillance of vehicles and ships

What’s more, you get a surveillance solution that easily integrates with your access control system for efficient verification of people and vehicles.

See how you can benefit from visual goods tracking 

Visual goods tracking

With the visual goods tracking solution from Axis and our partners, you will know exactly what has happened to each package in your care. It integrates video with your warehouse management and goods scanning systems. If you receive a claim, you just enter the package’s ID to find high-quality video of its complete journey throughout your premises.

  • Save valuable time and money spent on investigating and handling claims
  • Minimize costs for compensations, fines and insurances
  • Quickly identify the cause of repeated deviations
  • Identify training needs and improve your processes
  • Build a reputation for excellent service, efficiency and quality