Recorder solution

A complete video surveillance system

A complete surveillance solution utilizing scalable video storage.

  • Up to 8 cameras per AXIS Companion Recorder
  • No additional power or cables needed
  • PC or mobile remote access
  • Retain recorded video for up to 2 months

Go scalable

The ultimate in scalability for small businesses; this AXIS Companion solution is for customers looking for an initial 3-5 camera system. The setup utilizes a surveillance graded hard drive for storing video. Cameras are powered via the AXIS Companion Recorder so additional power cabling is not needed. With 8 PoE ports on the AXIS Companion Recorder and the ability to add more cameras via AXIS Companion Switch, this system is scalable at low cost.

With Axis Secure Remote Access, your customers can access live and recorded video – even off site. This system is ideal for users who want to retain recorded footage for longer periods of 1-2 months.

Proven solutions for small businesses

"With the AXIS Companion Line, I can deliver a solution to meet my customers needs and budget, without compromising the level of quality that I demand."