Axis camera selector for retail analytics helps you find camera models suitable for:

  1. AXIS People Counter
  2. AXIS Occupancy Estimator
  3. AXIS Direction Detector
  4. AXIS Tailgating Detector
  5. AXIS Random Selector
  6. The tool lists camera models that are pre-calibrated to achieve the best accuracy for people-counting analytics.

    The figures provided by this tool are approximations based on calculations and experience. The data should be considered a guidance to achieve the best possible accuracy. It is the system installer's responsibility to determine the best solution for a particular site based on site details and customer requirements.

How to use the tool

  1. Enter the mounting height and coverage width.
  2. Click "Filter"

AXIS 3D People Counter

For AXIS 3D People Counter, mounting heights and coverage widths are listed in the online manual.
Go to AXIS 3D People Counter - User manual.