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AXIS P3353 6mm
Calculate scene dimensions

Note: Individual variations of the field of view could exist, for example due to back focus adjustment and lens distortion. Plan with margins.

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It is not possible to replace the supplied lens on AXIS P3353 6mm.

The housing limits the field of view to X°.

The supplied lens does not support the selected scene size at the given distance.

It is not possible to replace the supplied lens on AXIS P3353 6mm.


The specified camera cannot be found. Click "Change" to select camera.


Select camera model by pressing the Change link.

If the camera uses a varifocal or zoom lens, a calculator icon is displayed next to the Scene dimensions and resolution, Distance and Focal length fields. Click the calculator icon next to the value you wish to calculate.

Enter your given values into the Scene dimensions and resolution fields, or drag the Distance or Focal length sliders. The results are continuously updated. Calculated results are shown on a yellow background.

Select metric or imperial units using the Units link next to the distance slider.

Change the range for the Distance and Focal length sliders using the Range links.