AXIS 670e

Print from IBM host systems via any port to any printer

The AXIS 670e print server for 4/16 Token Ring networks provides a flexible and cost effective way to print to your LAN printers* or digital copiers from your AS/400 or mainframe system. In addition to support for environments such as NetWare, UNIX and Windows, the Axis Host-to-LAN products deliver world-class support for IBM host system printing over TCP/IP and SNA.

The AXIS 670e enables high-speed printing without the need for application changes, host-based conversion software, or intermediate servers. The concept of distributed conversion deliver great scalability with full control over the output and interactive exception status reporting.

The AXIS 670e will be available with built in support for digital copier finishing options such as stapling, hole punching and copying. Using an intuitive browser interface, any user on the network can enjoy the flexibility and power of a digital copier.


  • Token Ring print server for IBM Mainframe and AS/400 environments
  • Multiprotocol support: OS/400, OS/390, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Novell NetWare including NDS and NDPS, More than 20 different UNIX systems

* Host-based printers such as GDI, CAPT and PPA are not supported.

Part numbers

EUR 0057-7
UK 0057-8
US 0057-9
JP Not available
AUS Not available
KOREA  Not available

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